We’re a consulting firm specializing in the pre-commercialization and commercialization segments, spanning all the logistical and process portions of preparing to bring to market and/or selling your new or existing product(s).

Strategic planning is the key. Understanding your challenges, defining what you would like the end result to be, developing possible solutions and then getting down to brass tacks and setting the tactics, tools and timing.

When we say commercialization we mean things like:

  • Determining whether to start a sales force or contract the work out
  • Managing the outsource relationship…OR…building the infrastructure to have your own in-house sales team
  • Establishing a distribution system and network from warehousing to wholesale to retail to specialty
  • Building the sales infrastructure with SFA/CRM; Incentive Systems; Sizing Analysis;  Training (reps and managers) and more
  • Assessing your managed care, Medicare and Medicaid needs and building the structures to assure success
  • And much more…

Our motto is simple: Help Good Companies Become Great!

We can offer this wide range of services because of our experience. We have over 40 years in the BioPharmaceutical Industry with experience in launching 18 different products in a number of different therapeutic categories. We’ve worked the sales, marketing, training, management, incentive and operations sides of the business.

If you’re looking for someone to review your current processes, systems and structures or if you need someone to help you build it from scratch contact us. We’ll spend some time with you, ask some questions and then share our thoughts and observations.

Who are we? We’re your guide to helping your Good Company become a GREAT Company.

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